ISFP Personality Test
Follow through the 4 personality trait elements of the ISFP to test how closely you fit the criteria; positive selections will infer a greater orientation.


Relative to your understanding of the norm's of other people around you...

Tend to spend a greater amount of my leisure time away from social gatherings and groups of people and instead focus on your own activities or those people closely connected to you (In a smaller group).
Score: +5683

Don't actively seek to or attempt to be the instigator of social events; you are more coerced than a willing participant in workplace social events.
Score: +4202

You enjoy more solitary events and the time it allows you to focus on your thoughts and objectives.
Score: +5125

You are not interested in a wide circle of acquaintances.
Score: +3624

You prefer not to be involved in large gatherings of people such as Music concerts, Political Demonstrations or Large Sporting events.
Score: +1894


Compared to others...

You tend not to think too much about destiny; the future and its implications
Score: +4104

You can usually see the general principles behind arguments and statements of fact.
Score: +5053

Future plans donít overly preoccupy your mind i.e. Rather than speculate about future events you tend to concentrate on the present, the present mostly determines the future.
Score: +3233

You prefer to get on with the issue at hand than spend time speculating about various options.
Score: +4261

You tend to get bored with theoretical books but will follow instruction manuals when needed to complement your knowledge.
Score: +3072


In relation to others...

Emotions can have a sizable effect on my actions in some instances.
Score: +3965

Some things cannot be analysed and predicted with certainty, people especially.
Score: +4028

Working with people and leveraging them to achieve is the best approach.
Score: +2770

You try to stand firmly behind your principles but in certain instances they have to be flexible when there are greater issues to be considered, this applies to the application of mercy over justice.
Score: +3848

You can become engrossed in TV reality shows with their personalities and storylines.
Score: +1725

You have an empathy with the concerns of those outside your close group.
Score: +2695

You believe you are more emotionally driven than other types.
Score: +3369


In relation to others...

You tend to see rules, deadlines, appointments and tasks as relative to achieving a good outcome. If I work late I can come in late.
Score: +3495

Too much planning gets in the way of improvisation required to suit changing circumstances. I prefer not to plan too far into the future.
Score: +3533

You donít like to be too regimented with routines.
Score: +3134

You are more relaxed than others when things get chaotic, unstructured situations have a lot of advantages.
Score: +4276

Given the choice youíd prefer to be an independent autonomous expert rather than a general manager.
Score: +3583

You tend to be engaged in a multitude of ideas/activities which means you cannot be as tidy and methodical as others may like.
Score: +1565
2184 thumbs up

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